Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to add aspx page in Sharepoint site

In this article,we gonna discuss about "How to add aspx page in Sharepoint site?".In Sharepoint, we can create our own site or webpart page using Sites and Workspace which is available in Site Settings.

In some scenario ,If you want to add custom aspx page.The following steps are required.Lemme explain in detail

  • -Create aspx page (sample.aspx) using Visual Studio 
  • -Give strong name assembly
  • -Publish the Site
  • -Copy  the dll (Website dll) 
  • -Put the dll in GAC.
  • -Also put the dll in BIN folder (Location :C:\Inetpub\....\<port no>\bin )
  • -Create the folder in C:\Inetpub\....\<port no>\suresh (New folder) 
  • -Place the aspx page in this folder
  • -Create Virtual directory in IIS under the Websites\port no\IIS_Suresh(Newly created folder)
  • - Map the virtual directory folder (IIS_Suresh) with suresh folder.Now the virtual directory points to the suresh folder.

Pls do the below changes in WEB.CONFIG

  • -Add the safe controls 
  • -Change the trust level to WSS_minimal to WSS_Medium

Now try to  access the page http://servername:portno/Suresh/sample.aspx.

Success..You can the access the page.


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